Condolence Lounge

The condolence lounge is FREE for all visitors to attended funeral services.

The condolence lounge was officially opened on the 1st of March 2017. The lounge gives family and friends the opportunity to move from the crematorium or graveside to share refreshments, or for mourners to gather after the service.

Memorial Gardens

Memorials are an important part of the grief process. If you would like a place to visit your loved the cemetery offers different places to be able to visit with options of marble or bronze plaques.

  • Rose Garden – Adjacent to office
  • Memorial Garden 3 – bronze or marble – to the left of the front gates
  • Crematorium East – Marble
  • Crematorium West – Bronze
  • Garden of dreams – Infant ashes
  • Niche wall – Single or double

New Natural Memorial Area

This new and tranquil area of the cemetery was conceived to provide families an environmentally-friendly burial option for the ashes of loved ones within the setting of Australian native plants.

Burial sites are indicated with a bronze leaf plaque.

Speak to the Geraldton Cemetery for more information about these bio-urns and the Natural Burial Area on (08) 9921 2707.


The Geraldton crematorium is located within the beautiful grounds of the Geraldton cemetery and seats up to 200 people.

The air-conditioned room provides two TV screens inside the chapel plus a large TV outside the chapel for all attendees to be able to view the service. We have also upgraded our audio equipment both inside & outside the chapel for all of the service needs. Live stream services are also available, for more information please speak with your funeral director.

For information or queries about the facilities, please contact your Funeral Director or the Geraldton Cemetery on (08) 9921 2707

San Spirito Chapel

The magnificent San Spirito Chapel – designed by the priest-architect Monsignor John Cyril Hawes – is located on the grounds of the Geraldton Cemetery. Whilst the building is no longer used for funeral services, the historic building lends its unique character and appeal to the ambience of the grounds for all to enjoy.

The first concept drawings of the Chapel were dated September 1935 and it was completed in June 1936. More information about the Chapel.

The Contemplative Seat

The Contemplative Seat is a short stroll from the crematorium. The area gives mourners a tranquil space to break away from the congregation for a quiet moment of reflection, condolence or peace. An idea initiated by board member Don Golding in 2017, the area is a thoughtful addition to the cemetery and is hoped to bring people more freedom during difficult times. Surrounded by native plants and the natural scents of the Australian environment, the space is hoped to calm and ground.