The Geraldton Cemetery is run by a Board appointed by statutory requirement Incorporated under the Cemeteries Act 1986. The Geraldton Cemetery Board is a not-for-profit organisation and is audited by the Auditor General of WA; reporting to the Minister for Local Government of Western Australia.

Our Purpose

Provide clean, accessible, well-maintained and modern grounds and facilities that are conducive to the dignified farewell of our community’s loved ones.

Our Vision

Sustainably manage the allocation of land and resources so that the cemetery can continue to deliver our purpose for future generations to come.

Our Mission

 Continuously assess & improve the presentation of our grounds and to continuously adapt to the changes in our environment, including the uptake of modern practises and technologies to best facilitate funeral proceedings that deliver dignified and memorable experiences.

Our Values


Cemeteries serve those past, present and future. As we consider the future, we ensure that our finances and operations reduce unnecessary risk and promote deliberative decision making from a diverse board.


Community trust in our ethical conduct is critical to our dignified delivery of services. We ensure the transparency of our conduct and exercise industry best practise as a minimum in all things we do.


We need to recognise that humans are diverse in their range of beliefs, cultures and backgrounds. We will take every reasonable step to ensure that people of all cultures receive access to appropriate funeral facilities conducive to their emotional and spiritual well being.


Our Board and employees will continuously acknowledge where opportunities or deficiencies may lay and take daily steps towards the improvement of our facilities and services to the achievement of our vision. We will take up new technologies where they relate to funerals and their facilitation of dignified farewell services within a financially sustainable framework. 

Geraldton Cemetery Board

All current board members are appointed by Minister for Local Government and provide their services on a voluntary basis. Board meetings are held monthly.

Max Correy

Max Correy (Chair)

Appointed May 1988

Greg Eastman

Appointed 27th June 2013

Peter Rock

Appointed 28th October 2013

Barbara Thomas

Appointed 11th June 2014

Nikki Boyes

Appointed 9th October 2017

Michael Reymond

Michael Reymond

1st July 2020

Laurie Gallop

Laurence Gallop

1st July 2020

The Board wishes to acknowledge past board member Barbara Shields for her 27 years of service to the Geraldton Cemetery Board, concluding her service on 23/01/2019. During this time Barbara oversaw significant change and improvements to facilities including extensions to the Condolence lounge, cremator upgrade and extensions.

History of the Geraldton Cemetery

Since its inception on 23 January 1951, the Geraldton Cemetery has been managed by a board.

  • The first burial was recorded on the 22nd of July 1930 when Ethelbert Gibbs was laid to rest in the Methodist section
  • The crematorium was first established in 1989.
  • The first cremation was on the 2nd of May 1989.
  • 19 years later, to the day (2nd of May 2008), the Geraldton Cemetery Board officially opened the present crematorium chapel.
  • On the 1st of March 2017 the new condolence lounge and Joule Cremator were officially opened.
  • There are 17 denomination zones; Roman Catholic, Uniting Church (Presbyterian), Salvation Army, Aboriginal, Church of Christ, Muslim, Chinese, Japanese, Lutheran, Assembly of God, Non-Denominational, Greek Orthodox, Jewish, Baptist, Seventh Day Adventist, Uniting Church (Methodist) and Anglican
  • The Cemetery occupies approximately 40ha of land
  • Approximately 25% of the available land is occupied
  • In 2018, approximately 80% of all deceased were cremated; 20% received burials